Thursday, January 26, 2017

Presenting the All India Arto-Graphy Competition 2017

Hey guys, Time for some fun. After a long time, we are back with an exciting and Interesting event. Although we have announced it online for now. But you might be able to see it rolling into a full featured event. And we will definitely keep you updated on the same.

So about the Competition, It's called Arto-Graphy - Digital Art and Photography. This time we have added a new wing in the Contest which we haven't done before. We are calling out all geniuses in photographers and Digital Artists to submit their best work till date. There is no entry fee and submission is as easy as you can Imagine. 

So before you begin to submit your entries, kindly do have a look towards the rules and regulations. Best of Luck and give your best shot. Our awesome Judges can't wait to see your work. Also there are some exciting prizes to win. We will keep you updated time to time on our social networks. Don't forget to follow us.


* The Competition is open to Indian residents only.

* The Subject is 'free-hand'. You can submit anything as long it is not obscene, pornographic or Vulgar. That is strictly prohibited.

* The participant can only enter in One Category be it Digital Art Category or Photography Category. Also only 1 entry is required per category. Multiple entries shall not be entertained.

* There is no age limit. Anyone can participate and compete. We have special prizes to give away to any work selected by our Judges.

* There is no entry fee however, it is must that you share this link on your social profiles. While submitting the entry, Please send us a screenshot that you have shared the link on your Facebook or Twitter pages. That would be a proof to us that you shared the link. Kindly don't cheat by deleting it later. It will go against your entry only.

*All entries can be submitted just by sending an email with subject - 'artography competition' with 'your name' to Also don't forget to put your name, address and contact number in the email. It is a must.

* There is no time limit on the work part. You can submit any of your work from any date. 

* All Entries should be submitted by 25nd of March 2017 positively. No entry shall be accepted post deadline. NOTE IT CLEARLY ! 

* If you have any concerns or queries you can shoot us an email to anytime. 

We are looking forward to see your entries. So what are you waiting for. Start Capturing and Creating.


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    1. Thank you. Do send your entries to us and also spread the word within your friends and family. all the best!